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Mannequin City is a Toronto retailer of showcases, glass displays and other retail fixtures.

Creative ideas of clothing store displays design

You may not have a big fantasy about how to design clothing store display, but with a little creativity, a dream clothing display will come out. We found some nice display design that will help to organize your retail shelves, no matter the size of your retail store. Some ideas of clothing store displays design [...]

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How glass showcases can make retail space attractive

Analyze your floor for better placement of glass showcases Small retail businesses will often find themselves with unique stock and limited floor space with which to organize and display. Usually, customers will walk in and be either over- or underwhelmed by the selection immediately presented to them. But is it really the stock that’s disinteresting to the [...]

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Why Do Retail Stores Rearrange Product Displays and Showcases?

Merchandising is a critical element to the success of a retail store and time time you need to rearrange product displays. Large retailers commonly employ full-time merchandise managers who are responsible for implementing strategies and rearranging merchandise as necessary. Location of products displays within the store and placement on shelves or in displays are key [...]

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Retail Floor Mirrors

How retail floor mirror can make space beautiful A good retail mirror is an excellent tool to use when trying on new outfits and checking your look before you head out for the day. But as you can see from west elm’s collection of floor mirrors, a shiny, reflective surface is useful as decor, too. Tall and dramatic, our floor mirrors add a lot of brightness and a healthy dose of glamour to any room in your home. With style options ranging from luxurious faceted floor mirrors to those with rustic wooden frames, you’ll be able to select the perfect mirror to lend the right touch of ambience to your space. You can use these mirrors to give your home the illusion of more square footage or to reflect a particularly beautiful window view. Even if you’re looking for a mirror for practical purposes, there are many different ways to incorporate these gorgeous pieces into your home, so don’t hesitate to get creative. […]

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Dress body form is great for sewing

Sewing lovers always use dress / body form to feet models. Beautiful dress form perfect for displaying dresses, suits, and pretty much all clothing. Great for sewing, form is made of heavy duty foam so you can pin directly into the foam as often as you would like. Which is great for students or tailors and aspiring designers . The actual torso is made of fiberglass and is covered with jersey material on top of heavy duty foam. […]

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Care of Glass and Acrylic Displays

Clean glass displays and acrylic raisers are important. Seeing a store which has glass which you can not see your reflection in is never a good sign. Or seeing that the acrylic raisers have dirty marks all over them encourages you not to enter the store. Buying glass showcase is one thing and looking after the glass shelves is another. It can become a bane for you to carry out the cleaning process of display cabinets in a serene manner. To overcome the odds, you must have knowledge about the essential elements and factors in connection to the cleaning of the glass display cabinets. Following are the important and essential tips in connection to the cleaning process of the glass. […]

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How take care of mannequin

Mannequins are fabulous for displaying the latest fashions, but their vulnerability to accidents and damage can shorten their life and decrease their value. Here is a quick guide to caring for your mannequin. I am a retail consultant with a strong interest in mannequins. I am fast becoming a large collector of these interesting items. […]

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