Mannequins are fabulous for displaying the latest fashions, but their vulnerability to accidents and damage can shorten their life and decrease their value. Here is a quick guide to caring for your mannequin. I am a retail consultant with a strong interest in mannequins. I am fast becoming a large collector of these interesting items.

Wear Gloves
When handling your mannequin, wear gloves to avoid surface scratches from rings that you might wear on your fingers. If you choose not to wear gloves, always make sure your hands are clean. This will protect the mannequin from surface dirt.

Assemble Slowly
By taking time to assemble your mannequin, this can avoid unnecessary damage.

Display Sense
When choosing where to display your mannequin (on a shop floor or at an exhibition) bear in mind that human traffic can easily bump into your mannequin.

Store Carefully
When you are not using your mannequin, be sure to store it with adequate packing materials, particularly around the face area and the hands. The fingers are best wrapped in foam, weaving in and out of the fingers to provide the best protection.

If you would like any more advice on mannequin care, or if you have a mannequin that needs restoration, please feel free to get in touch.