How retail floor mirror can make space beautiful

A good retail mirror is an excellent tool to use when trying on new outfits and checking your look before you head out for the day. But as you can see from west elm’s collection of floor mirrors, a shiny, reflective surface is useful as decor, too. Tall and dramatic, our floor mirrors add a lot of brightness and a healthy dose of glamour to any room in your home. With style options ranging from luxurious faceted floor mirrors to those with rustic wooden frames, you’ll be able to select the perfect mirror to lend the right touch of ambience to your space. You can use these mirrors to give your home the illusion of more square footage or to reflect a particularly beautiful window view. Even if you’re looking for a mirror for practical purposes, there are many different ways to incorporate these gorgeous pieces into your home, so don’t hesitate to get creative.

Where to place floor mirror

As the name indicates, many of our floor mirrors are designed to rest on the floor, though some of the options in this product category can be wall mounted if you prefer. With their tall, thin profiles, these mirrors are a great option for bedroom decor that can add some glam and romance to the space while also letting you know whether that new outfit you picked out actually matches well. We have several different options for you to choose from in this collection, so if your bedroom is either a bit too small or a bit too big, you can find a floor mirror that will work in your space and suit your personal style.

To use a floor mirror to create its fullest potential in a small space, choose a wall that is free from obstruction from doors, windows and other architectural features. Measure the available space on that wall and select the widest mirror you can find that will fit in well in the space. While you probably don’t want to put your floor mirror behind a large, obstructing piece of furniture like a sofa, placing other types of furniture in front of the mirror may work quite well for space efficiency and decorative effect. For example, placing a coat rack or a dining table in front of a wall mirror can give you all the brightening and enlarging benefits you want without monopolizing valuable space in your home.

Mirror’s styles

The style of floor mirror you choose should depend on what kind of decor you’ve chosen for your home. A glamorous space with velvet upholstery and plush curtains is not the best candidate for a natural wood-framed or utilitarian wall mirror, for example, which are more suited for retro, rustic or contemporary decor. Mirrors do serve a useful purpose, but we take care to design each mirror with decorative elements as well, letting them straddle the line between form and function so you can make every element of your home look polished and carefully considered.

Floor mirrors are a great alternative to wall mirrors in a space that could use some additional impact and light. Wall mirrors are also perfect for viewing your head and face, making them a great choice for over-the-sink and vanity settings, but they don’t always let you get a full view of your body. If you have a habit of walking out the door wearing the wrong color belt or mismatched socks, setting a floor mirror in your entryway can help you stay put together and looking great every day.

From glamorous living rooms to functional entryway spaces, floor mirrors enhance your decor, add light to a room and help you look your best. Whether you use them purely for decor or you want to have a mirror to use as part of your daily routine, our floor mirror selections offer you many options to choose from.